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Seniors Best and Fairest
  • Brad Scalzo B&F
  • Ryan Quirk, Trent Shinners Runner Up
  • Colin McNamara, Dylan Quirk Must Determined
  • Michael Collins Most Consistent
  • Nathan Foote Best Finals Player
A Grade Best and Fairest
  • B/F Brittany Mashado 
  • Runners Up B/F Erin Clark 
    Team awards to
  • Caitlin Egan & Caity Stephens.
Reserves Best and Fairest 
  • Cameron Miller B&F
  • Rhys Dempster Runner Up
  • Hayden Johnson Most Consistent
  • Jake Boccari Most Determined
  • Troy Mengler Best FinalsBest
B Grade Best and Fairest
  • B/F Jayde Stow
  • Runners Up B/F Chelsea Tonna 
  • Team awards to
    Tamika Cairns & Kate Dowling
    Best Finals Player 
    Olivia Corrigan
C Grade Best and Fairest
  • B/F Zoe Dunkley (absent)
  • Runners Up B/F Alex Stephenson
  • Team awards to
    Jess Breen & Taylah Simpson
D Grade Best and Fairest
  • B/F Mikayla Delves 
  • Runners Up B/F Georgia Elkins 
  • Team awards to
    Natalie Hatigan & Olivia Krause
17 White Best and Fairest
  • Rylee Thomas B&F
  • Ruby Shepherd,  Runners up
  • Ruby Moseby, coaches award
  • Jaimee Adema, most consistent
  • Amy Heinze, best finals player
17 Red Best and Fairest
  • Kacey Maund B&F
  • Taylah Boatwood Runners up
  • Abbey Barientos, Coaches award
  • Alyssa Hunter, most improved

Under 19 Best and Fairest

  • Matthew Butera B&F
  • Dylan Webb Runner Up
  • Ashton Williamson Most Consistent
  • Laclan Benson Most Improved
  • Jack Flannery, Dylan Mutimer Best Finals Players

15 White Best & Fairest

  • B/F Courtney Siwes 51 votes
    R/Up Mackenzie Morrison 35 votes
  • Savannah Stodal & Olivia Brinkmann 
    Team Awards

15 Red Best & Fairest

  • B/F Holly Simpson 41 votes (absent)
  • R/Up Lainey Bidwell 33 votes
  • Holly Van De Loop & Kira Hamilton 
    Team Awards

13 White Best & Fairest

  • B/F Jenna White 53 votes
  • R/Up Avani Singh 24 votes
  • Elly Quirk & Ava Cipriani Team Awards

13 Red Best & Fairest

  • B/F Tahlia Cipriani 44 votes 
  • R/Up Annabel Shepard 32 votes
  • Delainey Brown & Molly Griffiths 
    Team Awards

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