It’s okay, not to be okay

It’s okay, not to be okay

You may have seen the slogan on footy club apparel. You may have seen the car sticker on your drive home from work. But what does it mean and who is this organization? 

It’s okay, not to be okay was formed in the very pit of our heartache. In May 2016, our family tragically lost Ben at 22 years of age to suicide. From watching a movie on the couch with his older sister to the next minute gone, ripped from our lives and futures forever. 

Ben was outgoing, lively, affectionate, not afraid to show his emotions and was very much loved by everyone he met. 

When we were looking for Ben on that Sunday night never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that we would have found him the way that we did. That he would have taken his own life. 

This is why we started It’s okay, not to be okay. 
If Ben; the life of the party, who has a loving family, a great job and friends thought that this was an answer to his darkest thoughts and could do this, then anyone could and this didn’t sit well with us. 

So here we are. 

Our aim and mission is to educate, support and assist with mental health battles, loss & grief struggles and promote suicide prevention within the community, because really we are all walking around with a story or feeling that not many or no one else knows about. 

You can get involved by helping normalise conversations about mental health by wearing a jumper of ours. Putting a sticker on your car. 
Run an event or even add or logo to their uniform. You can jump on our Facebook page and share your story or even just jump on and like our page. 

More importantly you can be brave enough to ask your family, team mates, coaches if they are ok and if their not get them some help.

From Hayleigh, Georgia and Maddi Hocking

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