Gold Medal Club Rooms

Gold Medal Club Rooms Melbourne Design Awards

The Kalora Park Sports Club Extension is the home of the Narre Warren Football and Netball teams. With the magpies as their logo, the original (and legendary) facilities were adorned with black & white streamers and became a clear reference point to celebrate the long history and nostalgia within the club whist galvanizing a sense of optimism for a more inclusive and accessible space. Built on a shoe string budget, with many donated hours from community, this citizen lead initiative has already become a well-loved contribution to country life.

Project Commissioner

Narre Warren Football Netball Club

Project Creator



Project Architect: Scott Woodward, Monique Woodward, Andre Bonnice, Issy Jooste, Zoe Diacolabrianos, Jean Spencer, Nikita Bhopti, Isobel Moy, Sarah Exner

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